Explore the Future of AI in Local Government

AI isn’t just on the horizon – it’s transforming local government right now! Get ready to immerse yourself in the forefront of this technological evolution at the 2024 Local Government Reimagined Conferences.

One Topic.  Two Locations.

ICMA is headed to Boston, MA and Palm Desert, CA for the Local Government Reimagined Conferences. From cutting-edge applications to strategic insights, discover how AI is reshaping the landscape of local government.


Meet us in Boston

April 10-12, 2024
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Explore a dynamic schedule of events focused on leveraging data, AI, and community engagement for the advancement of local governance. From harnessing the power of AI for strategic planning to promoting fair housing and workforce opportunities through data analytics, join industry experts and leaders to navigate the evolving landscape of urban governance and empower your organization for the future.

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Meet us in Palm Desert

June 5-7, 2024
Save $100 when you register by 4/30/24

Explore the intersection of human intelligence and artificial intelligence in the public sector, alongside a comprehensive lineup of networking opportunities and informative sessions on AI’s role in local government. Join industry leaders to delve into the evolving landscape of technology-driven governance, strategic planning, and customer experience enhancement, equipping your organization for future success.

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About Local Government Reimagined

ICMA’s Local Government Reimagined initiative is our long-term commitment to helping public administrators innovate and adapt their leadership practices, management strategies, and operations in the name of more resilient and equitable outcomes for their work and their communities. It’s about helping local government leaders anticipate and understand the challenges impacting their work and communities, recognize opportunities for and target improved outcomes, and figure out how to get there.

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