Chris McMasters

Chief Information Officer, City of Corona, CA

Can AI Be a Partner in Building Better Government?

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This keynote will delve into real-world examples of AI implementation in government, showcasing how these technologies are not just the prerogatives of tech giants but are accessible and applicable for city governments of any size and resource level. From streamlining bureaucratic processes to enhancing public engagement, the insights shared will illuminate the path for leaders looking to embark on or advance their journey in harnessing AI for public good.

Mr. McMasters is responsible for the City of Corona’s IT strategic vision and technology innovation. He has served in CIO roles in both the public and private sector and currently serves as the City of Corona’s first CIO leading IT strategy to develop a data driven smart city. Because of his innovative approach to using technology to solve business challenges, he received Computerworld’s Premier 100 IT Leaders award, Equipt to Innovate, Globee, Smart 50, Digital Cities awards and has been recognized by the Center for Digital Government, CIO magazine, the New York Times and Forbes. In Corona, his team continues to evolve Corona’s IT culture of innovation, reinventing how government operates by focusing on citizen experience and modernizing its capabilities for the future.