Speaker Requirements

  • Log into the Speaker Management System using the link and password included in the speaker invitation email sent from conferenceteam@icma.org
  • Once logged into the System, you will find a set of speaker tasks.  Due dates are listed beside each task. Please adhere to all deadlines.  Speakers may be removed from a session if tasks are not completed in a timely manner:
    • Speaker Invitation- accept or reject the invitation to speak
    • Sign the speaker agreement
    • Confirm or update your profile information (this information will be used on the conference website)
    • Add or update your biography
    • Load or update your photo
    • Agree to the copyright permissions task (you may not use copyrighted materials without written consent from the original author).
    • Review and update session title (one speaker per session will be assigned this task)
    • Review, update or add session description (one speaker per session will be assigned this task)
    • Upload your PowerPoint by the due date noted in your speaker task list.
  • If using PowerPoint, the conference branded PowerPoint template must be used. See below for PowerPoint templates for each of the conferences.
  • Handouts may be loaded via the speaker task list.   ICMA does not provide printed copies to attendees, though you are welcome to print and bring them with you to distribute during your session.
  • Adhere to the deadlines set by ICMA and respond to inquiries regarding your session in a timely manner.
  • Speakers should show up early and prepared for the session. Check in with Felicia Littky, ICMA Senior Program Manager, Conference Education, upon arrival.
  • The conferences are planned as in-person events. Speakers will not be allowed to participate via zoom or other digital options.

Session Information

  • Plan your session and stick to the content provided in the session description so that your messaging matches attendee expectations.
  • Practice your session to ensure the flow is smooth and that you fill the allotted time (remember to leave time for Q&A or better yet, ask for questions throughout your presentation!)
  • For a 60-minute session, it is recommended to limit the number of slides in your PowerPoint presentation to no more than 20.
  • Get people excited about your session before it begins!  Post to your social media accounts using #LGReimagined.
  • No commercials!  Your name, title and organization will be listed in the conference materials. Your best commercial is to deliver a relevant, timely session.  Anything more explicit may be resented by ICMA members, who are sensitive to self-promotion.
  • We will have international participants at the conference. When possible please make references to universal practices.

Power Point Templates:

Boston, MA

April 10-12, 2024

Palm Desert, CA

June 5-7, 2024



  • Registration is open. Speakers should register for the conference and pay the applicable fee, unless otherwise communicated to you.

Hotel Information:

  • ICMA has secured a discounted rate on hotel rooms for each of the conferences. It is your responsibility to book your room. Hotel information may be found on each conference’s webpage:
Boston, MA

April 10-12, 2024

Learn More
Palm Desert, CA

June 5-7, 2024

Learn More

Health and Safety:

  • ICMA will continue to monitor health and safety guidelines for conference attendees and will share safety measures, if necessary, at a later date. For further information please visit our Health & Safety